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Zips Bossy Chip: AQHA's All-Time High-Point Youth Horse


The Story Behind the Story

Zips Bossy Chip is a 2008 bay mare (UK Mito Boss x Jessies Fancy Chip) She was bred by the University of Findlay in Findlay, Ohio. As a three year old filly, she was consigned to the 2010 Spring sale at the College, and purchased by Todd Yoder and Beckey Schooler. She was green broke, unshown, and not cooperative. But after being introduced to each other at a show, it was obvious to everyone involved that this team was going to be special. But no one could have foreseen exactly HOW special there story would become.

The Little Trainer That Could...

After her purchase in August of 2010 from AQHA Horsewoman and AQHA judge, Beckey Schooler, Ellexxah and Annie B prepared for their first Congress. After just 4 shows together, They were Top 10 in both the Level 1 and the 13 & Under Hunter Under Saddle. After returning home, an 11 year-old Ellexxah, decided to personally be responsible for the remainder of Annie's training in her remaining 4 performance classes. It was NOT an easy task. But the communication skills that they began to develop was rewarded by the amount of points they started to pile up. At the end of 2012, as an 11 & under exhibitor, Ellexxah Maxwell and Zips Bossy Chip won the first of many national AQHA titles, in addition to being named the AQHA Reserve High- Point All- Around Youth.

Keeping the Ball Rolling

 Every year since that small beginning, Annie B and Ellexxah have been on the road, putting on the miles going from show to show. Every class has been a challenge to be more consistent, every element studied to be more polished, and the next show to become more competitive. Each goal accomplished has been answered with an even bigger one. Every Congress, every World Show, every year-end title and High -Point  has continued to bring the two of them closer together. They are so much more than a horse and rider. They are a team, one doesn't function without the other.

30 Year AQHA Record SMASHED!

In September of 2017, at a show in Sunbury, Ohio, AQHA history was made. After 30 years a point record held by AQHA Hall of Fame horse, Van Dekka, was broken. The title of AQHA's All-Time High-Point earning youth horse with an unbelievable total of 4270.5 points, was after three decades surpassed. What made the enormity of this accomplishment even greater, was the fact that Ellexxah had been the only youth exhibitor in Zips Bossy Chip's career. 

In addition to this prestigious title, Ellexxah and 'Miss B' have as of 2017 have been named AQHA's High- Point All-Around Youth four times. They are the only youth in AQHA history to have won this award that many times, and with the same horse. They also hold the point record for the most showmanship points accumulated by a youth, nearly 2000 points to date.

Future Goals

In March of 2019, Miss B and Ellexxah  became the first in the history of the AQHA, and it's legendary registry. They together, became not only the All- Time All-Division point earning AQHA horse, but more astounding, to be achieved by a single exhibitor that is a youth. This level was no mere feat. It took nearly 6000 AQHA points to claim the crown, and to date, has risen nearly 1000 points more. 

Most recently, Ellexxah and Annie were featured in a September issue of Sports Illustrated. She is the first equestrian in the history of the magazine to be featured.

What Comes Next?

Down the road, the plans for Annie B's show career aren't certain, but there is definitely one thought already in the works. Choices of what stallions would be a potential options to sire are beginning to be considered. It's exciting to think of what abilities the next generation of this phenomenally talented mare could be.