The First of Its Kind Hind Gut Stabilizer

What Do You Know About Hind Gut Acidosis?


Why Does Your Horse Need Gut Health?

 The stomach is a very small organ and is actually positioned much higher in the horse's body than most horsemen think. It is actually the Cecum, Colon, and the  Rectum that make up the Hind Gut, that rests behind the girth area. There has been a lot of focus put on ulcerative conditions in the stomach as of late, but studies have shown that it is the hindgut that can be the actual factor in many related issues.

Unknown Enemy

Many of us who have been suspicious that our horses were suffering from an ulcerative stomach issue, have relied on a fluoroscopy to determine if there is an issue. Unfortunately, even if there is no evidence present confirming that your horse stomach ulcer, your horse could still be suffering from a intestinal tract issue.  Currently, the technology needed to completely diagnose hind gut issues Has not been develope, but treatment of the symptoms believed to be associated with these issues have been very positive.

Omeprazole - Free

Most products currently on the market contain the drug omeprazole, which prevents the production of acid within the stomach. While this might serve as an effective treatment for stomach ulcers, these types of products are not designed to deliver any relief beyond the actual stomach. Only Gut Health has the ground breaking technology to deliver the active ingredient of an encapsulated sodium bicarbonate, that can effectively raise the PH in order to lower the acidity in the cecum where digestion actually occurs.

Good to Know

Many of us have dealt with horses we've considered being "tough", "sully", or untrainable. The response to Gut Health products have shown the significance of treating horses who display chronic symptoms or behaviors not previously related to a Gastric issue. The simplicity of the products add to its effectiveness. Because there are no pharmaceuticals within the products, all Basic Equine Health products  pass the testable substance list and also pass TCO2 test, known as a test applied to the racing community 

The list of treatable symptoms is shocking. Behaviors once thought unrelated to issues such as ulcers within not only the stomach, but also in the hind gut, are changing right before our eyes. Horses that would have otherwise been discarded, are now able to return to the showring after being cast off as "ring sour", or presenting issues as unexplained lameness, inability to maintain weight, lack of stamina and poor quality of movement or gait.

Symptoms Related to Hind Gut Issues:

Poor Coat, Shaggy, No Shine

Grumpy, Grouchy, Ill- Tempered

Becomes Twitchy or Irritated when Being Groomed

Difficulty Saddling, Cold Backed

Difficulty Cinching

Excessive Pawing

Pins Ears or Shows Teeth, Biting, or Kicking

Ringing of the tail

Poor Stall Manners, Destructive, Kicks, Circles, Paces, or Weaves

Displays Unusual Sour Smelling Manure or Amounts of Gas

Cribbing, Chewing Wood, or Wind Sucking

Spooky, Anxious or Nervous

Tender Sided, Resistant to Leg Cues and /or Spurs

Looking At or Biting at Sides

Inability to  Gain Weight, Maintain Weight, or Increase or Maintain Muscle Mass

Displays Ravenous Eating Habits, or Unwilling to Eat

Grinds Teeth

Excessively Chews the Bit

Walks the Stall Excessively While Eating

Appears Stiff or "Round Backed" When Being Ridden

Stiff Muscles or Lameness That Are Not Ruled Conclusive

Slow Healing 

Inability to Grow Healthy Hooves

Shallow or Shelly Hoof Soles or Walls

Basic Digestion 101

Digestion in  horses basically consists of three basic stages. The first of which is the point where your horse initially ingests  food. We, as horsemen in this decade,  continue to feed large amounts of grain paired with insufficient amounts of roughage. Feed and hay provided in a more balanced ratio, would aid in more efficient digestion. In most cases, however, this is not the reality. A horses stomach is not as large as you might think, only 10% of the horses' GI tract. At any time in the digestive process, the stomach is never more than 2/3rds full,. Food even if only partially digested, moves on into the small intestine where food not digested properly, can lead to choke in the esophagus and impaction colic in the intestines and colon.  As a horse initially chews its food, it produces large amounts of saliva. The acids released during chewing aid in breaking down foodstuffs into smaller pieces that can pass into the small intestine more easily. In order to accomplish this, food, namely grains, need to be broken down in a short period of time. The food in a horses stomach only stays 30-45 minutes before moving on to the small intestine, regardless if it is sufficiently digested or not. 

The next stage occurs when partially digested food makes its way into the small intestine. This is the point where many of our current feeding practices cause problems with our horses digestive function. Large amounts of grain sometimes create more starch in the small intestines than can be broken down in preparation for the fermentation process in the Cecum.

Horses use fermentation to fully digest there food. The components of the Hind Gut, including the Cecum, Colon, and the Rectum make up over 60% of you horses GI tract. Therefore, the health of your horses Hind Gut could have a major affect on that animals' performance and attitude.  


Gut Health and Peak Performance Products

#Go With Your Gut!

Join the Gut Health revolution! Never before has there been a product specifically designed to treat hind gut issues. Hind gut acidosis effects more than 75% percent of all performance horses. Training issues that we once attributed to poor attitude and soreness, can now be recognized as a result of poor gastric function.

Gut Health products contain the same basic ingredients. The base material is a high viscosity aloe vera gel. This gel creates the perfect vehicle to deliver the active ingredient not only to the stomach, but to continue through the small intestine and finally into the hind gut where it is needed most. This active ingredient is an encapsulated sodium bicarbonate. The encapsulation property allows the active ingredient to be time released into the system. Other products are immediately absorbed into the stomach, which only consists of approximately 9% of the horses intestinal tract.

The positive results have been overwhelming! Trainers and horse owners alike are amazed by the immediate effect Gut Health can produce in just one dose. The entire line of products can stand alone, or be used together for a more customized treatment. You are sure to find a system that fits your horses specific needs.

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Hind Gut Acidosis

What is Hind Gut Acidosis?

Hind Gut Acidosis is a condition that has become more prevalent in recent years. Most performance horses eat a high-grain, low-forage diet. This type of diet causes the PH level in the horses digestive tract to drop, and harmful acid levels to escalate causing stomach irritation, and potentially, ulcers.

Stomach VS Hindgut?

While there is quite a bit of focus regarding the stomach, there is very little on the much larger organ, commonly referred to as the hind gut. Upon comparison, the stomach only represents a mere 9% of the whole. In reality, 61% of the intestine is the cecum, more commonly known as the Hind Gut.

The Gut Health Difference

There are a multitude of "Gut" related products on the market all claiming they are the cutting edge in treating stomach ulcers. The only problem is most after 15-20 minutes after ingested, are completely absorbed, and already passing as waste into the small intestine. The product makeup of all of the Gut Health products allow for the PH balancing properties to remain active as they move throughout the entire gastrointestinal system.

AQHA'S Top Trainers Speak Out About Gut Health

Bruce Wahlquist at the 2018 AQHA Lucas Oil World Championship Show

Gut Health Product Description and Suggested Uses:


Basic Equine Health Top Dress Pellets

This top dress pellet comes in Original and Extra Strength. At just 1/4 cup twice daily, you can provide a base level dose to provide a preventative, maintenance, or low dose treatment of symptoms

Gut Health Liquid

Gut Health Liquid comes in Original and Extra Strength, and is recommended feeding 1/4 cup twice daily. This liquid formula is highly concentrated and can provide faster relief.

Gut Health EZ Strength Gel

This highly concentrated gel provides the greatest relief for the most severe of symptoms. Results may occur within hours instead of days. At just 60ml per oral dose, it is economical, and most horses like its taste.

Gut Health Pure Gold

This anti-inflammatory , anti-arthritic formula is made with Pure Camelina Oil, and high in Omega 3 to provide relief to stiff joints.

Customizable and Stackable

This system is designed to be flexible enough to provide a personalized program for the needs of every horse. From a seasoned veteran, to a breaking two-year-old, every horse can benefit from this innovative treatment of most gastric related issues.

A Must for Showing Preparation

Because Gut Health products are non-pharmaceutical, they are free from drug testing. They may be used more than once in a 24 hour period if needed, without overfeeding.

Gut Health EZ Strength Gel is the traininers' choice for showing. One dose AM and PM the day before competition, and another 15-20 minutes prior to the class, can provide the horse with a more settled demeanor, improved attitude, and better gait.


AQHA Professional Horseman Melissa Maxwell is available to assist you to develop a program

 to fit your horses personal needs  email:

Gut Health and Peak Performance Extra Strength Product Line:

Gut Health- Starter Pack


Jump Start your horses' new program with an Extra Strength Starter Pack!

-One Gallon of Extra Strength Liquid

-One Quart of EZ Extra Strength Gel

-Dosing Syringe


Peak Performance- Extra Strength Tpo Dress Pettets


- One Month Supply 6# Bucket

$ 69.95

- Six Month Supply 30# Bucket


Gut Health- Extra Strength Liquid


-One Gallon 


-One Pint


Gut Health-EZ Extra Strength Gel


-One Quart Container


-One Pint Container


Gut Health-Extra Strength Gel Single Dose


-One 60ml Tube


-Six 60ml Tubes


Gut Health- Pure Gold


-One Gallon Bottle


-One Quart


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